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Annual Assessment of ICASS Services

To: Ambassador Amy Hyatt
Through: Mission Deputy Daniel Katz
From: MO Daniel Katz and ICASS Chair Daniel Katz
Subject: Annual Assessment of ICASS Services


Per ICASS Policy, the Management team and ICASS Council met to discuss ICASS services, identify priorities, and formulate a way ahead to meet customer requirements and increase satisfaction levels.

Initial Impressions/Actions

In reviewing the Post ICASS Survey scores for 2017, the ICASS Council and Management Section determined the survey results overall were acceptable given the limitations of operating a small post with only two U.S. Direct Hire employees and a very limited locally-employed staff.  The goal of the MO/ICASS team is to achieve a minimum of 4.0 out of 5.0 in every cost center which would indicate that ICASS service/expectations are being met. Post has achieved that goal except in three categories: 1. Residential Building Operations/Maintenance.  This category’s low score is likely to improve as post focuses on training Facilities Maintenance staff.  2. Residential Local Guard Program.  This category’s low score is likely to improve next year as post has recently filled a long-term position vacancy in its security program.  3. Information Management Technology Support Services. This score remained the same from last year as post continued to face persistent problems as a result of outdated technology within the embassy, no fiber optic connection to the outside world, and an unreliable IT infrastructure dependent on satellite connections. The Department’s growing reliance on online applications continues to grow the gap with any technology-hindered post.