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List of Records

It is a good idea to keep handy, but not in a safe deposit box, a number of documents when living overseas.  In case of evacuation or other emergency they are immediately available. A suggested list follows:

  1. Signed and notarized Power of Attorney executed by each spouse on behalf of the other
  2. Joint Checking Account
  3. Current copy of will(s)
  4. List of family members’ social security numbers, bank account number(s), insurance policies, passport numbers with date of issue
  5. Medical records, prescriptions needed by family, immunization records, eyeglass prescriptions
  6. Up-to-date household inventory
  7. Children’s school records
  8. Past tax records and records necessary for filing
  9. Credit cards and a separate listing of credit card numbers (separate cards for each spouse is a good idea)
  10. Birth and marriage certificates
  11. Past employment records, resumes, letters of recommendation
  12. List of doctors, dentists, lawyers and other professional help
  13. Mortgage records, deeds, bonds, etc.
  14. Updated address books, business and personal
  15. Traveler’s checks, bank books, checkbooks, cash – both local and U.S.
  16. List of assets and debts